Tree Trimming


-Deadwood removal -Shaping (by controlling or directing growth) -improving or maintaining health -improving or maintaining ornamental value -reducing risk from falling branches -preparing for transplanting -increasing the yield or quality of flowers and fruits
Pruning is defined as the horticultural practice of removing the different parts of the tree, such as branches, buds, and roots meant to help the tree grow healthier, and keep their shape as they mature. It is typically used to ensure the proper growth of young trees and keep mature trees from being overburdened and at risk to homeowners. Structurally, young trees are pruned to increase support and to dictate the shape they would later take upon maturity. It is imperative that trees be trimmed while young to limit the difficulties in directing their shape. Mature trees are not so pliant and would give trouble to arborists trying to fix their growth pattern.

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